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No more manga?!

SDCC Is gonna be a blast!!! If only I were working for TP now... I could've gotten in for free (i'm broke yo!).

And about the manga pitchin' to TP...
It's just sad that i've been trying for so long and probably won't ever get a manga deal. The process takes way too long and Luis was supposed to contact me again um...more than a month ago (or was it two?three?). But god do I have so many ideaaas and characters and stories and blabblahblah, and hopefully soemtime in the future i'll try to push for another one again. The idea of having my own manga was motivating me to draw for a while, but I really haven't drawin in half a year. HALF A YEAR! That's like so bad (haha no duh). It sucks cuz I don't really have any friends I can go out to draw with. IT's a total mood killer. I want to know people who're into all this art stuff to challenge me to do better...at home i've got so many other distractions like video games and movies ... and going out...and pingpong (hahahaha typical azn sport), but then again you don't really need anyone to challenge you but yourself. And I admit, for a while there something like dinged in my head and everything became so easy for me that I quit drawing (I was really deciding whether or not to quit. I will NEVER think like that again). But... trying to draw now has become a challenge again, and it's a good thing. No I don't really have good hand eye coordinationa nd I need to improve that;I need to improve on my painting , both traditional and digital, and imagine a lot more like how I used to. Ideas, IDEAS!!! That's what makes a piece, and of course your technical skill...but the idea behind the art is the key to everything. I NEEEEED TO GET MOTIVATD! GOOOO MEEE (I might seem on crack now but I'm pretty sure i'm clean).

And it's not like I'm not frustrated with anything or anyone as I am disappointed in myself. Just sooo bleh. This post might seem so out of place for me, I don't usually admit to people that I haven't been going for my goals because that just means i've failed myself. WELL, no more of that! I want to become the best concept artist ...and i'll get there.

Either that or I might just adopt four children and become an awesome mother. Hahhaaaaaa kidding. Ew.
Lots of art doodles, mostly fr last year. Finally decided I should start scanning these things...

Dirty SB DoodlesCollapse )
Hey peoples!

So I kinda want an AA table at AX but would LOVE to share it with someone who has port/works ready so I don't feel like a total loser .... cuzzz i've never really had an AA table and I barely have anything to show -_-" (but would really love to draw just 'cuz).

If you guys know anyone would you please have them e-mail me @ oinkingducky@gmail.com? TY!


hmmm...so, ever since WoW's taken over my life, my art has been comprimised. I haven't drawn since...o.o???

These are the few things I have, and its horrible. Ugh..I really got to get back into it...

art cut?...Collapse )
If you guys haven't heard of the game Assassin's Creed...you MUST check it out. It's probably the most realistic game yet, and the graphics are AMAZING.


Taylr's life.

Text: You're an asshole...in a cute sort of way.

Text Reply: I thought u were cute...in a fuck you sort of way.

Woman, you make me whole.
Free comic book day is tomorrow! YEY!

April 28th @ UCLA , Scott Robertson book signing (along with the rest of the Gnomen studio).
May 8th @ Art Center in Pasadena, Ryan Church.

So if any of you are interested in concept art, Ryan Church (the big Star Wars concept artist) is gonna be talkin' on May 8th along with James Clyne (or cline? I gotta go look up his work again...) and a few others!

AAAH! I'm sooo excited!


all the professionals have left, and now conceptart.org is going to shit.

YEY for poor technical skills!



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